Monday, January 16, 2012

Math Stations

So, this year, I have been spending a great deal of time trying to "perfect" a math workshop approach to teaching my 4th graders. Sadly, I am finding that they seem to need a lot more direct instruction than I expected, so that is taking some of the "oomph" out of our Math Stations time during each day. I found some great ideas on TpT (links below) that I have used in my classroom. I am currently using the acronym M.A.T.H. to organize my groups. This includes:
M-Math Facts: Students can choose from a variety of math fact games such as Multiplication War, Multiplication and/or Division Bingo, Math Fact Memory, flash cards, etc.

A-At Your Seat: This is usually my time for small group, but for some groups, they have enrichment activities or independent work.

T-Technology: Our school has V-Math, so that is usually what students are tasked with working on. Sometimes I will assign online activities that correspond to our text, enVisionMATH. 

H-Hands-On: This is one area that I struggle with finding great activities for my 4th graders. We will often use the centers that came with our text series, but those are not truly "hands-on". I have done the typical things like having students solve problems using manipulatives, etc., but I feel like this is one section of our Math Stations that I need to revamp. Feel free to share any ideas you might have :)

Overall, I feel like the Math Stations approach is working, but I need to work on management a little better. I believe that my students who are generally proficient in math area doing well, while my students who struggle sometimes end up "playing" without really knowing what they are practicing. This is a work in progress, I guess. I'd love to hear any thoughts and suggestions you might have!

Teachers Pay Teachers Math Workshop "Stuff":
From Ashleigh:

From Littlest Learners:

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