Friday, August 12, 2011

Student Binders

I have decided to try to implement a student binder system this year. Last year, my students had a great deal of difficulty staying organized, and it really impacted so many aspects of the classroom. We were unable to give suggestions for the supply list this year, but I managed to find some binders at Sam's Club...6 for $8.58. I picked up four packs, and will go back for more if I get more than 24 students. The name is pretty basic. I am calling it our HERO binder after our school Heroes Elementary. Another poster on A to Z Teacher Stuff gave me the idea for the acronym Have Everything Ready and Organized...which fits perfectly! I found some adorable clip art from Clementine Digitals. Students will be required to keep their homework folder, planner, and "take home" folder in the binder. I am hopeful that this will help with organization, and that the binders will hold up :)

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