Monday, July 23, 2012

What a Bunch of GREAT Deals!!!

I am SOOOOO excited about everything I found at the Dollar Tree today! Last year, I waited too long and the good stuff was gone. Today I found:

 1. Supply bins for my table groups

2. Lots of clothes pins

3. Erasers

4. 200 packs of ruled index cards

5. Cute word strips

6. Ziploc bags for my "Duct Tape Quilt" to show off student work (I also picked up this duct tape at Target. I wish the Dollar Tree had some.)

7. And my absolute favorite find: Book baskets for all of my students!!! (Well, if I don't have a huge class, that is!)

I also got some things at Target's $1 section, but I wasn't terribly impressed this year. What great deals have you found this year???


  1. Awesome finds! Love the supply bins!
    ☼ Kate
    To The Square Inch

  2. I got the same supply bins and I love them! I've definitely spent way more than a dollar at the Dollar Tree this year ;)

  3. I love Dollar Tree!! It is so easy to go in there and spend a fortune. I bought a class set of the book baskets this year too. I'm excited to use them. I stocked up on clothes pins too. I really like the supply bins. I wish I had found those.